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Capital Hill Condominium Association

352 State Street, Albany, NY 12210
In the Heart of Albany

about us

Welcome to the Capital Hill Condominium Association website. This site is managed by the Board of Directors of Capital Hill Condominium for the purpose of communicating important information about the Condominium to its owners, tenants, realtors, and other interested parties.

Some information on this web site is password protected. To access this information contact the Board at

Capital Hill Condominium is located in an historic neighborhood at the corner of State and Lark streets in the heart of Albany. The State Capitol Building, Empire State Plaza, historic Washington Park, many local shops and restaurants, a supermarket, and diverse historic houses of worship are within walking distance of the building. Public bus service with connections throughout the city is a short block away. Click here to see a map

Capital Hill Condominium
CH Condo Entrance

For Information about the website contact Garrett Gorrasi at